Forest School @ KOLTS

A newer movement in the education field for children in Canada – called Forest School or Forest and Nature Preschool – is reconnecting children (or supporting already existing connections) with the forest and natural environment from a very young age. Our location on the Oak Ridges Moraine offers a unique opportunity for the children, staff, and families at KOLTS.

The old growth forest adjacent to the building allows the educators and children to explore many facets of the forest while developing physical literacy skills including coordination, maneuvering on the forest terrain, balancing on logs and climbing trees to name a few. The transformative nature of “our” forest allows the educators and children to investigate forest creatures (both real and imagined), and to revel in the beauty, the sounds, and smells of their surroundings and to observe the changes that happen through the seasons. They share stories, affection, and wonder as they engage in open-ended, inquiry-based learning in the area just beyond the fence. Our hope is to foster lifelong connections to the natural world with the curious and capable children!

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