We Do Important Work Here

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Seneca College’s King Campus child care lab school – KOLTS (King Observation Lab Teaching School) is located on Dufferin Street just north of the 15th Sideroad close to King City and Aurora. Our location on the former Lady Eaton Estate offers a rural setting close to more urban areas. We service many families from the surrounding communities and those who travel to attend the campus to either study or work.

Seneca College founded KOLTS in 1974 to provide an on-site model child care laboratory facility for students enrolled in the School of Early Childhood Education at the King Campus. KOLTS’ aim is to maintain a high quality early education program that benefits school of ECE students, children, parents and the community. We are open from 7:30am to 5:30pm year-round closing for statutory holidays and two weeks at the end of the year (corresponding with the local Boards of Education winter breaks.)